Expanding Business Connections

Networking Groups Vancouver

The EBC is a Vancouver-based networking organization for business professionals.

It welcomes potential members from various parts of the country.

Networking Groups Vancouver

“The mission of Expanding Business Connections is to unite, promote and grow the business of fellow members using an efficient referral system, so professionals can focus on what they do best – running their businesses.”

Expanding Business Connections

Expanding Business Connections was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in Vancouver, B.C., who wanted to create an efficient referral networking system. Members of the EBC log in in for 45 minutes, three times per month, pass referrals in a non-competing environment, leave and get on with their business.

The aim was to build an accountable and structured collaboration of successful professionals, with the goal of growing each other’s businesses through an efficient use of time. The result is a concise, organized and structured system, without all the politics and time-consuming requirements that can be associated with other networking groups.

Membership is exclusive to one business per profession and applicants are thoroughly vetted to ensure a strong community. As a unified and committed collective, we endeavor to promote, cooperate, educate and strengthen the business of fellow members in a positive environment where respect is mandatory.

Simply put – we are the most efficient networking organization. We can grow your business, without taking you away from your business.


We are “Networking Made Simple.”

About EBC

Expanding Business Connections meets online at 6:55 a.m. the first three Wednesday mornings of the month. The meetings are 45-minutes long and are currently run on the Zoom platform. Apart from our regular meetings, the EBC meets 3-4 a year in person for various social events, which continue the goal of growing each other’s businesses.

The focus of the meeting is that week’s Business Presentation. After the this member’s in-depth presentation about their business, members and guests update the community by way of an Infomercial. We then pass referrals and track our numbers, to ensure we are meeting our goals.

Although not mandatory, new businesses are encouraged to have a Coffee Conversation with members. This way, Expanding Business Connections will have a better understanding of the new business and our members are in a better position to pass referrals.

Behind every organized process, efficiency is key to Expanding Business Connections. We want to grow your business, without taking you away from your business.

The Basics

  • Three 45-minute meetings per month online, with no other required meetings
  • No educational courses
  • Social functions 3-4 times a year in person
  • Reasonable membership requirements for referrals and guest invites
  • Gift card awarded monthly to member with the most referrals
  • The EBC tracks its numbers and progress throughout the year
  • Client Confidentiality is mandatory to the EBC – no sharing of client information with the EBC
  • Non-competing environment, with one member per professional seat
  • Affordable cost of membership
  • The EBC is a collaborative environment, meaning, members have a say in how the EBC operates
  • Administrative staff hired, working in the background, resulting in less volunteer hours required from membership
  • We want to grow your business, not take you away from your business

EBC Members